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AMPL is the easiest and fastest way to get started modeling for the CPLEX solver.

The AMPL modeling language lets you describe optimization models to the IBM ILOG CPLEX optimizer in intuitive, mathematical terms much like you use when formulating models and explaining them to colleagues. It serves as a simple, powerful, natural tool for developing the complex CPLEX-based applications that arise in diverse business and scientific contexts.

The AMPL modeling system supports all of the CPLEX problem types — including linear, mixed-integer, and convex quadratic — and the full range of CPLEX algorithms for all problems. Results are readily viewed and analyzed to provide feedback to model development. A fully integrated scripting language facilitates building and deploying applications that require data manipulation and multiple solves.

A popular textbook introduces all of AMPL’s features clearly and comprehensively.

Purchase CPLEX® for AMPL 12.6 directly from us

The popular IBM ILOG
CPLEX optimizer has joined the lineup of AMPL-enabled solvers available for purchase directly from AMPL Optimization LLC.

Contact us at info@ampl.com or +1 773-336-AMPL for pricing on single-user, floating, and server licenses.

Full-featured 30-day trials are also available. Simply specify CPLEX as one of the solvers on the trial license form.

For academic use
Obtain CPLEX® for AMPL 12.6 free with 1-year license

Free, unrestricted versions of CPLEX for AMPL are available for teaching and research at degree-granting academic institutions. They are provided with one-year licenses, renewable as long as the terms of IBM's Academic Initiative are met. Eligible users may obtain software and licenses from us or from IBM as described below.

To get free academic CPLEX for AMPL from us

This is the most convenient way to get CPLEX if you are planning to purchase AMPL academic licenses from us, or if you have current AMPL maintenance & support service. We can add CPLEX permissions to all of your AMPL license files.
  1. Register for the IBM Academic Initiative, following IBM's Academic Initiative instructions.
  2. Make a copy of the confirmation screen or confirmation email verifying that you are registered.
    • If you have already purchased AMPL from us, send the verification to info@ampl.com along with a description of the AMPL licenses to which you would like CPLEX added.
    • If you are planning to purchase AMPL from us, list CPLEX for AMPL as one item in your order and include the verification with your order materials.
  3. Following the instructions that you will receive from us, download CPLEX (and AMPL if needed) from our website, along with the appropriate license files.
  4. Use CPLEX with AMPL by specifying option solver cplex; before solve;.
If you obtained AMPL from another source and would like to discuss consolidating your AMPL, CPLEX, and other solver licenses under our license manager and maintenance plans, contact us at info@ampl.com.

To get free academic CPLEX for AMPL from IBM

This is the most direct way to get CPLEX under the IBM Academic Initiative, particularly if you have previously obtained AMPL from ILOG or another source. Only single-machine licenses are available in this way, though you may request them for any number of machines.

  1. Install AMPL, if you have not done so already.
  2. Register for the IBM Academic Initiative and then download and install CPLEX Optimization Studio (version 12.6) for your operating system, following IBM's Academic Initiative instructions.
  3. In the large folder (directory) of files that were installed, find the bin folder inside the cplex folder. Copy the appropriate executable files from the bin folder to wherever your solvers are located (usually the same folder that contains the AMPL program):
    • For Windows, copy cplexamp.exe and cplex1260.dll.
    • For Linux and other Unix-based systems, copy cplexamp.
  4. Use CPLEX with AMPL by specifying option solver cplexamp; before solve;.
Note that if you use this version of CPLEX with the Student Edition of AMPL, then AMPL will limit your problem size to 500 variables and 500 constraints plus objectives. But when used with any unlimited version of AMPL, this version of CPLEX can be applied to problems of any size.

CPLEX is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.

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