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AMPL: A Modeling Language
for Mathematical Programming

AMPL Home Page

Quick reference

AMPL in Action
accounts of successful AMPL applications

Airline Fleet Assignment
"Balanced" Assignment
Location of Distribution Centers
Meat Product Blend Optimization
Strategic Planning of Train Crews
Teacher Scheduling
Toxic Waste Disposal

a comprehensive guide to the AMPL modeling language for users at any level, including AMPL Student Edition PC software (with the MINOS and CPLEX solvers) for problems up to 300 variables and constraints

a chapter list and a detailed chapter-and-section list, with links to the text of the Introduction and Chapter 1
Downloadable software
size-limited versions of AMPL and of several solvers (including MINOS and CPLEX) on most popular platforms, for use with the AMPL book
the model and data files used in the book's examples, sorted by filename or by figure number
how to get the AMPL book and Student Edition software, now usually shipped within 24 hours
Optimization Bookstore
a selection of books on optimization models and methods, with links to an online bookseller
Publication history
more on the current printing status and availability of the AMPL book
Guide to exercises
solutions to the end-of-chapter exercises, available to qualified individuals

Change logs
features added and bugs fixed, from November 1992 to the present

Comment form
for asking questions, reporting bugs, and suggesting new features

those currently supported by AMPL implementations

Intel-based PCs
under MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or Windows NT
Unix-based systems from Sun, Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics, IBM, and Digital Equipment

instructions for obtaining versions of AMPL and solvers available at no charge for instructional purposes, demonstrations, and small-scale testing

General instructions
including a table of contents, notes on availability, and tips for handling compressed files
AMPL Student Edition software
for AMPL Plus under Windows, for standard AMPL under Windows, for Unix (including Linux)
Solvers that work with AMPL
including CPLEX, DONLP2, LOQO, lp_solve, MINOS, and WSAT(OIP)
Standard AMPL database handler for Windows
works with the AMPL relational database access facilities
"Scrolling Window" utility for Windows
provides a more convenient interface than the "MS-DOS" window for users of standard (command-line) AMPL

Examples of AMPL models
an index to AMPL models and data of varied kinds

Book examples
all of the model and data files introduced in the AMPL book, sorted by filename or by figure number
Iterative schemes
column generation, decomposition, and Lagrangian relaxation, implemented using the AMPL command language's new looping and testing features
McDonald's diet problem
an optimal solution of 4.38525 Quarter Pounders with Cheese, 6.14754 Small Fries, and 3.42213 cartons of 1% Lowfat Milk -- and some more realistic alternatives

Frequently asked questions

  1. General
  2. Files and preprocessing
  3. Errors and messages
  4. Sets and indexing
  5. Variables
  6. Displays and results
  7. Integer programming
  8. Versions and platforms
  9. Solvers
  10. Further information

Graphical user interfaces
implementations available as "front ends" to AMPL

a graphical user interface to both AMPL and solvers, providing for "projects" spanning several AMPL files, and supporting links to many database management systems through Microsoft's ODBC standard
A simple experimental gui
intended as a complement to the student edition of AMPL, under Windows 3.1, 95 or NT; currently in alpha test

Hooking your solver to AMPL
information on AMPL's publicly documented interface and downloadable interface routines that let you write AMPL drivers for a broad variety of solvers

Enhanced support for nonlinear solvers
information on the April 1997 extensions for automatic recognition of partial separability and computation of Hessian (2nd derivative) information

Key AMPL features
a concise summary of language and system features, documentation, and available solvers

Key modeling language features
Key modeling environment features
The AMPL Book
Solvers that work with AMPL
More about AMPL and optimization

Netlib AMPL directory
a collection of AMPL-related software and examples for downloading

Operating systems
those currently supported by AMPL implementations

Intel-based systems
MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT
Unix-based systems
workstations from Sun, Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics, IBM, Digital Equipment; supercomputers from Cray Research

Optimization Bookstore
featuring the AMPL Book and a selection of other optimization titles, via or Barnes & Noble (depending on availability).

Optimization on the Web
Further sources of on-line information

General resources
FAQs, societies, newsgroups, lists of Web links

Optimization Bookstore
A selection of titles relevant to optimization, with direct links for ordering from
Centers, departments, and other organizations
in academia, government, and industry
conferences that address optimization topics, with details of AMPL talks and sessions
Software indexes
lists of optimization software, both commercial and public domain

Papers and reports
further information on the design and use of AMPL

Hooking your solver
the definitive report on writing AMPL drivers for solvers; see also our hooking your solver page for links to examples
Details of AMPL's design
technical papers including discussions of presolve and of special problem structures
Links to operating systems
installation, command-line switches, environment variable interactions, and memory and file considerations for MS-DOS and Unix
Links to solvers
detailed requirements and directives for MINOS, CPLEX and OSL

computers and operating systems currently supported by AMPL implementations

Remote access
send AMPL files over the net for execution by the NEOS server
invoke solvers on the NEOS server from your local AMPL session

Remote solvers available
currently 5 for linear and nonlinear programming
Remote AMPL with remote solvers
execution of an AMPL "job" on the NEOS Server's remote computer, with AMPL output returned via your web browser and/or an e-mail message
Local AMPL with remote solvers
invocation of remote solvers on the NEOS Server through a solve command in your local copy of AMPL
Frequently asked questions
More about the NEOS Server

see also Try AMPL

optimization codes and packages that work with AMPL

Types of solvers
distinguished by the problems they solve (linear, network, quadratic, convex, nonlinear, integer) and the methods they use (simplex, interior)
Listing of solvers
including types, vendors, and documentation of AMPL links
Problem analysis tools
MProbe, for analyzing nonlinear functions to discern their shapes in a region of interest; version 2.0 now available

a simplified web interface to the AMPL Student Edition that lets you experiment with AMPL on test problems up to 300 variables and 300 constraints + objectives

see also Remote access

new features added since publication of the AMPL book's first edition
but desscribed in greater detail by the second edition

New language features, including:

Changing the model and data
Character strings
(with rules for regular expressions and printf format strings)
Complementarity problems
Database access
Examining models and data
Looping and testing 1
writing "scripts" in the AMPL command language (with examples)
Looping and testing 2
implementing algorithms through AMPL scripts (with examples)
Presolve tolerances
Reporting and display
(with table of built-in suffixes)

Enhanced nonlinear solver support
recognition of partial separability and computation of Hessians (second derivatives)
Loading shared libraries (DLLs) for user-defined functions
a convenient way to add functions for evaluation by AMPL and/or solvers
Determining the version you're running now
instructions for viewing and interpreting the version string
Finding updates and bug fixes
complete AMPL change logs
Updating AMPL Professional Edition software
pointers to help in getting the latest versions of "Professional Editions" of AMPL (those that do not have the strict problem-size limitations of the student software)
Updating AMPL Student Edition software
instructions for downloading new versions of AMPL Student Edition executables for Windows, DOS, and Unix
Plans for future extensions
proposed new AMPL features for the solver interface, stochastic programming, and constraint logic programming among other uses

companies that sell AMPL and related software

Vendors of AMPL and solvers
sources for AMPL alone, or packaged with one or more solvers
Other vendors
sources for additional vendors of solvers that work with AMPL

Comments or questions?
Write to or use our comment form.

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