You can run AMPL on a model and data file from the AMPL book by selecting one of each:
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Or upload your own model and data files, if your browser supports it:
Or you can type or paste in models and data; push Submit without making a selection.

Now push or push to undo any changes you made.

Broken Browsers:

You may encounter problems because each browser is different, and some are broken. Perhaps not surprisingly, later versions sometimes seem worse than earlier versions, though things are getting better. Here's our current experience with this sorry mess:

Fine print:

This is an experimental service and we have disabled commands that affect security. Other than that, all the features of AMPL are available. Bear in mind that each time you push Send, it is a fresh run of AMPL and the solver; there is no memory from one run to the next except what is included in the "model and data" window.

The solvers are provided through the courtesy of their respective authors and owners, to whom we are deeply grateful. Solvers include:

For more information on these and other AMPL solvers, check the AMPL solvers page.

Privacy policy:

We record your IP address and your interactions with this system, including any models and data that you provide, solely for the purpose of better understanding how to improve the service. We do not distribute this information to anyone else.

We'd like to hear from you if you have any problems or suggestions on how to make the interface more useful. Mail to

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